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TW-631 Siding TW631

Log Cabin Siding

TW-630 Siding TW630

Channel Rustic Siding

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Beveled Siding

Dutch Lap Siding TW628

Dutch Lap Siding

Channel Lap w/ Deep Bevel Edge TW627

Channel Lap w/ Deep Bevel Edge Siding

Channel Lap w/ Bevel Edge TW626

Channel Lap w/ Bevel Edge Siding

Carolina Beaded TW625

Carolina Beaded Siding

Cypress lap | Cypress paneling | Cypress 1 x 8 paneling | Pine paneling, lap paneling, ship lap siding, ship lap paneling, ship lap TW616

3/4" x 7 1/4" Ship Lap Paneling/Siding

Shake Siding Shake Siding

Shake Siding

Bark Siding Bark Siding

Bark Siding

Batton on Board Siding Batton on Board Siding

Batton on Board Siding

Wavy Edge Siding Wavy Edge Siding

Wavy Edge Siding

Sherwin Williams Factory Paint System Factory Paint System


Most customers that choose wood siding opt to stain or paint their new wood siding. Pre-finishing can serve two functions. The first is to protect it from the elements, and the second is to achieve a certain aesthetic appeal.

Sherwin Williams is our product of choice. Sherwin Williams is a leader in the field of paints/stains and they back that up with the best warrantee in the business. They also have retail stores nationwide so it is easy to go by to see the different colors. This can also be helpful to purchase extra product at a later date.

We also offer Cabot’s stains as well.

The process is simple. For interior paint we can simply add a coat of primer. This base coat is often the hardest one to apply because so much of it soaks into the wood. By having a base coat applied in the factory it will make it easy on the painter to apply the finish coat or coats. This is especially important on our paneling products such as; shiplap, penny groove, and tongue and groove products. Because these products will shrink and swell as they go through seasonal movements. When this happens you can see the natural wood color if finish is not applied to the tongue before the paneling is installed.

Tidewater Lumber offers a factory finish in a one coat or two coat applications. The boards are coated on all six sides which encapsulates the boards to help stabilize the moisture content. This helps prevent unwanted moisture from entering the wood cells that can cause root over extended periods of time.

Please contact us to set up and order your prefinished Sherwin Williams factory paint process with your lumber order.

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Thermo Treated Thermo Treated Lumber

Thermo Treated Lumber