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We are now making Cypress Shingle Panels, and they will save time and money on installation. They panels have 7” face exposed and 8’ long. That is 4.66/sf, so these panels can go up faster than nailing them on one at a time. These shingles have a fresh re-sawn face, with even butt.

We also have Cypress shingles available as individuals to be nailed up on site individually. Perfect for those one off jobs and repairs.

Cypress shingle panels are popular for their beauty, durability and versatility. With proper care and maintenance, the life of cypress shingle panels can last for generations, making it a more cost effective and traditional shingle.

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The most common wood roofing is shingles and shakes. Our shingle panels are of high quality and If properly installed and cared for, provides a long-lasting and beautiful look to any project.

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Tidewater Lumber has been a top cypress shingle and lumber dealer for over 30 years and offer competitive pricing for distributors across America.

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Our Cypress Lumber is guaranteed to be certified high grade quality.

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