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The wood grade of Cypress is determined from the better face of the board. Tidewater Lumber and Moulding Inc. sells four grades of Cypress Lumber; The grades Select, #2, Pecky & Heart are detailed below

SELECT CYPRESS - The best grade used in many different products. This grade is very clear of defects and has few color variations. Select is considered more formal than all other grades. A 6" wide board is allowed to have one medium knot. In a 7" x 9" wide board two medium knots are allowed. In boards that are 10" and 12" there can be three medium knots. One medium knot can be substituted for three pin knots. Pin knots must be less than 1/2" in diameter.

Tidewater Lumber Select Cypress

#2 CYPRESS - This grade is much more rustic, but it is more popular than the Select Cypress. The number two grade is used for many different applications such as; siding, paneling, fencing and outdoor furniture.

Tidewater Lumber #2 Cypress

PECKY CYPRESS - Pecky is typical decay that appears in the form of a pocket, hole, or rotted area, however the rest of the board is sound. These peck holes are from afungi that is in the tree when it is alive. Once the tree is cut and the board is kiln dried the fungi will be gone and there is no further rot. The end result is a unique board that gives an elegant rustic look to any project.

Tidewater Lumber Pesky Cypress

HEART CYPRESS - This final grade is lumber from the center of the tree and it is the most rot resistant part of the tree. The heart has a rich honey/red color. In the old days it was known as "Tank Cypress" because towns and factories actually made water tanks from the durable forest product. This product is also known as "River Recovery Cypress" and "Sinker Cypress" due to the methods implemented to recover old trees used to produce this grade.

Tidewater Lumber Heart Cypress