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Plank Hardwood Flooring


Tidewater Lumber and Moulding, Inc. manufactures the highest quality lumber from around the world into Authentic Plank flooring. We consider a plank floor to be wider and longer than “strip flooring.” Strip flooring is typically 2 ¼” or 3 ¼” wide and only 6 inches though 7 feet in length. Our plank floors are longer and do not need to be end matched.

Most homes built today have larger rooms that the wider floors are actually more proportionate to the scale of the rooms.

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Solid Hardwood Plank Flooring


Our hardwood plank floors are ¾” thick and the widths are 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6”. The lengths range from 18” to 12’, unless otherwise specified. All the plank floors are grooved on the back to help prevent cupping. The hardwood lumber is kiln dried to 7-9% moisture content.


We manufacture engineered hardwood flooring ¾ thick with a 6mm wear layer. This is known in the flooring industry as a more stable product than solid wood because it is built on a Baltic Birch plywood foundation that has perpendicular layers with no voids in the laminations. The standard lengths are 2’-10’, The2’ pieces are few and primarily used as starters against the walls.

Engineered Hardwood Plank Flooring
Greenville SC Engineered Hardwood


Tidewater Hardwood Plank Flooring is special because we are passionate about what we do. Every board is hand chosen and carefully inspected to ensure its the highest quality available. We stand by our lumber and offer the best quality lumber in the south.

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Our plank flooring is guaranteed to be certified high grade quality.

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Plank Flooring Grades


We offer two grades of plank flooring. The first is rustic, which will have tight knots and more color variation, such as mineral streaking. The second grade is select, which is milled from a higher grade of lumber. Select flooring will have very few knots, if any, and the color will be more consistent.


When lumber is plan sawn the sawyer rolls the log as he cuts to pick the best face. In the US market the sawyer will typically box the heart and the pith is sold for pallet or crating lumber.

Flooring Cuts

When lumber is live sawn it is cut parallel to the length of the log all the way through and the log is never rotated. Therefore the boards have a unique mix of plane sawn, quarter sawn, and rift sawn. This method of sawing has been common in Europe and can yield wide widths. This method of sawing is also called European cut or French cut. Live sawn will produce a natural grade, meaning it will have a mix of select, #1, and some #2 – depending on the grade of log being sawn. With part of each floor including some quarter sawn lumber the floor will be more stable.

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