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Shiplap boards have been around for many years used as siding and interior paneling. This look of boards on the wall with a gap between them has become very popular due to; Chip and Joanna Gains on Fixer Upper, Pinterest, and architects.

This look is most widely known as “shiplap.” However, we found a better way to install this shiplap with hidden fasteners. In traditional shiplap one board laps over the other leaving a small crack between the two boards allowing the boards to shrink and swell independently during seasonal movement.

Typically a carpenter would put one nail down through the top and one nail towards the bottom in the face of the board. The only problem with this method is you have to putty the holes before you stain or paint the final coat.

NickleGap Tongue & Groove


To solve this problem we came up with a tongue and groove that can be nailed blindly through the tongue so you do not have to nail the piece on the face.

It is called nickel gap because when the two boards are installed side by side there is a 1/8” gap – about the size of a nickel.

Nickel Gap can be installed horizontally, vertically, or even on an angle.


Tidewater offers Nickel Gap in Poplar, Yellow Pine, White Pine, Cypress #2, Cypress Select, MDF, Western Red Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar, Reclaimed Barn wood, Circle Sawn Oak, and Circle Sawn Yellow Pine.

Polar is very stable for Nickel Gap. It paints up very well and only has a few knots. Eastern White Pine is a great choice for staining or whitewash.

Nickel Gap Paneling
Tidewater Pesky Cypress


Tidewater Nickel gap Lumber is special because we are passionate about what we do. Every board is hand chosen and carefully inspected to ensure its the highest quality available. We stand by our lumber and offer the best quality lumber in the south.

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Our Nickel Gap is guaranteed to be certified high grade quality.

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Nickel Gap prefinish stains


Tidewater offers factory pre-finishing for our Nickel Gap. This means we will paint it, stain it, or clear coat it for you. We offer a one coat or two coat finish.

The benefit to having it pre-finished is we hit all 4 sides of the board, what this does is encapsulate it to help prevent picking up moisture.


A machine pre-finish is typically more consistent than a jobsite finish because in the factory we keep the stain/paint stirred throughout the whole job ensuring that pigments do not settle to the bottom of the can.

A machine can be set to apply the proper amount of mills recommended by the stain/paint manufacturer.

Save with Nickle gap Prefinish

Tidewater offers Sherwin-Williams as our standard finish. However, we can use most other brands commercially available such as; Cabot’s, Benjamin Moore, Duckback, and so on.

Prestain colors

Prices for Nickel Gap start as low as .85/LF. We can make 1 x 4, 1 x 6, 1 x 8, 1x 10, 1 x 12.

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