After a purchase has been placed it is considered work in progress and therefore cannot be cancelled, unless 1.) No purchase order has been issued to our suppliers 2.) We have not started processing the order then an order may be cancelled or changed. If we have started manufacturing the product then it cannot be cancelled.


All items are quoted RANDOM LENGTH. We will strive to produce requested lengths, but inventory changes daily. If the lengths requested are not available we will Process the order w/ the next available length. We will notify you if it is more than 2’ per piece.


Tidewater will ship as close to the required amount as possible. However, over / under Runs is standard trade practice. Tidewater will ship +/- 10% at the customer’s expense. If the amount exceeds 10% the customer will be notified before shipment. Orders will be billed for exact quantity shipped. If Tidewater under ships an order and there is an error on our behalf, we will fill the order as soon as possible without Set-up fees charged to the customer.


0-99 LF - $200.00

100 – 499 LF - $150.00

500 – 999 LF - $100.00 These prices are base prices, and subject to change without notice, depending on our workload and the complexity.

CREDIT CARD FEES: If paying on a credit card there will be a 2% fee added to the invoice. There are no fees for checks but the check must clear the bank prior to shipping product. Ask for green cash discounts.


TLM manufactures to its customers specifications and therefore does not accept merchandise returned for credit. If approved by management and under certain conditions TLM will accept returned merchandise. A 20% RESTOCKING FEE will be charged and materials will be inspected. Any damaged materials that have gotten wet, dirty or are deemed unsellable due to customer neglect will not receive any credit.


Shipping cost will be determined at time of shipment. Truck drivers are subject to a number of regulations, one of which is that they are not required to give any assistance in unloading. Please be prepared for this "curbside" delivery, as you are responsible for unloading the items shipped by a third party. If it is delivered by a TW truck material will be unloaded on the main level only – no stairs to second stories or basements. In the rare case of a damage on items, it is imperative that you note any irregularities on the Bill of Lading.


Product claims must be made BEFORE installation. Flooring must be inspected for quality of manufacture, grade, quantity, and moisture content. It is our responsibility to provide a product that is dried to the proper moisture content and that is properly milled. However, it is your responsibility to confirm this BEFORE installation. MOISTURE CONTENT CHECKED BY METER @______________%

Industry standards allow up to 5% of the total order to contain defects in grade or manufacturing, all of our products should be inspected prior to installation. If it is a manufacturing defect, TLM will replace the material as soon as possible. Any other problems uncontrollable by TLM such as color, knots, etc. will not be replaced without additional cost to customer.

In the event of complaint, shipment must be held intact, and tally of objectionable goods submitted direct to this office within 48 hours, otherwise claim will be disallowed and waived.

You are a valued customer and we look forward to serving your woodworking needs in the future. If we may be of further assistance, please contact us via email.

Best regards,

Tidewater Lumber and Moulding, Inc.