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Greenville SC Wood Slabs


Tidewater Lumber and Moulding offers high quality wood slabs to fit a variety of high end uses. From gorgeous table tops for your mountain cabin to microbrewy bar tops that will last a life time. Call us today to view our wood slabs!

Most of our wood slab inventory is 2" thick and random widths and lengths. We currently stock Walnut, Cypress, Cherry, Poplar, Maple, Eastern Red Cedar, and Spalted Maple. Prices may range from 149.00 - 950.00 and that price is determined by the width, length, and Character of the wood slab.

Wood Slab Bar Tables


Wood slabs are used to create your own unique Countertops, Coffee Tables, Headboards, or even wood slab art. No two pieces of wood slabs are exactly alike. Each slab and peice of wood has its own story and unique characteristics. Sawn directly from the log, slabs retain the natural edge and characteristics of the tree they are from.


We hand pick every wood slab for its unique charm and saw them right here in our lumber yard. We ensure a slow cure time that minimizes cupping while ensuring the wood slabs retain their original characteristics. Rest assured Tidewater Lumber makes sure each and every wood slab is of the highest quality.

Pine Wood Slabs


Tidewater Hardwood slabs are top shelf quality and will make any project stand out. We have been a top lumber dealer for over 30 years and offer competitive slab pricing for distributors across America.

Tidewater Trust

Our Lumber is guaranteed to be certified high grade quality.

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We stock and offer shipping to almost every US state.

Customer Service

Expert advice and exceptional customer service.

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