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Aromatic Ceder Panels

Aromatic Cedar Lumber

Tidewater Lumber custom mills Easter Red Cedar, also known as aromatic cedar, into tongue and groove paneling. It is used primarily for closet lining for its unique smell. Stored and aged seasonally. Eastern Red Cedar has a beautiful color contrast between the reddish heartwood and white sapwood. Tidewater Lumber offers everything you need for your cedar projects. Our Aromatic Ceder is great for closet liners, running trim, and interior shevling projects.

Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar is naturally durable and repels moths and other insects. Eastern Red Cedar can also help prevent mildew in clothing which makes it great for closets and shelves.

Eastern Cedar Lumber


We sell the paneling in random widths with; 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” face. Because easter red cedar is a small tree. The final cuts and product is narrower and shorter than some other lumber.

Our aromatic cedar is tongue and grooved with relief cuts on the back side like flooring so you have a smooth finish wall that looks great.


Aromatic cedar paneling can be installed by blind nailing through the tongue directly to the studs. For shelving or cabinets. Our cedar can be mounted directly to the smooth surface for a easy and painless installation.

When an order is shipped you will receive a mix of sizes ensuring a variety of installation options and looks. The lengths are heavy 8’ with a few cut backs.

Cedar Closet Paneling
Tidewater Aromatic Cedar

Eastern aromatic cedar is a firm and stable hardwood. Its renowned for its durability, bright coloring, resistance to both rot and its wonderful natural fragrance. Eastern cedar is naturally bright with red colors contrasting on a pale yellow base. Quality cedar is rarely stained or painted as doing so would hinder its aromatic properties and hide its natural appearance. Another aesthetic feature of aromatic cedar is the typical scores of knots which decorate its red and yellow surface.

  • ERC ¾ x RW paneling
  • 1 x 12 ERC shelving board ¾ x 11½” S4S
  • 1 x 4 ERC S4S
  • 1 x 2 ERC ¾ x 1½” S4S for trim.


Competitive pricing and best quality eastern cedar lumber. Call us today and see why Tidewater Lumber is the top cedar dealer in the south!

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