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DNR Duck Boxes

DNR Duck Boxes

Tidewater Lumber DNR Wood duck boxes provide a man-made alternative to natural nest for waterfowl and Ducks. They give hens a nesting area and relative safety from predators. A deployment of large numbers of duck nesting boxes can be used to help increase local or regional populations of wood ducks in areas where natural cavities are limited. This provides better populations, a more eco-diverse enviroment and better hunting opportunities.

Tidewater Lumber provides custom built Duck Boxes to South Carolina DNR and sells the same Duck Boxes at cost for the South Carolina public.

Tidewater Duck Boxes are hand made with cypress lumber. Built to last harsh weather conditions. Our Duck Boxes are 12“ x 12“ x 36“. Specifically designed for wood ducks to have a safe place to nest.

Duck Box

Duck Nesting

Placement of wood duck nesting boxes over or near water that has abundant brood habitat can produce dramatic results in duck populations.

Landowners with a successful nesting box program will develop a breeding flock of ducks that return along with their young each year. Once the pattern is established, more nest boxes can be erected.

Tidewater Duck Nesting Boxes Tidewater Duck Nesting Boxes