Thermo Treated Lumber

Thermo Treated

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Thermo treated lumber has been dried at 400 degrees F and by using steam it keeps the wood from burning or cracking. Thermo treatment actually changes the molecular structure of the wood. This treatment will enhance the lumbers ability to repel water and makes the wood more stable. This is a way to help the wood last longer in an outdoor environment such as decking or siding naturally without adding chemicals. Thermo treating will darken the color of the wood to rich chocolate color.

The benefits of Thermo treat wood are:

· It is earth friendly, no chemicals are added only heat generated (in our case) by using waste wood.

· The dust and waste is non-toxic

· Enhances the color to a warm brown

· Rearranges the structure of the cells so they will not take on as much moisture and this makes the wood more stable and last longer.

· The lumber will be lighter in weight without losing strength

· It disperses heat so compared to composite decking it will be cooler to walk or sit on.

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