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Titebond 811 Flooring Adhesive

Title 811 Flooring Adhesive

  • Enhanced Green Grab
  • Versatile Installation Method Options
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • Specifically Designed for Use with Titebond® Moisture Control Systems
  • Can be Used for Sports Flooring Installation

Product Code: TITEBOND-811


Titebond® 811 Advantage Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive is ideal for the installation of all wood parquet, engineered, solid plank flooring and sports flooring as well as cork underlayment. It is a moisture-resistant adhesive that offers enhanced strength development and an exceptional final bond. Additionally, Titebond 811 Advantage is specifically formulated for use with Titebond Moisture Control Systems. This premium adhesive provides the installer with options of using the “wet lay” or “flash” methods of installation. The combination of enhanced green grab, excellent strength development, and the ability to use with Titebond Moisture Control Systems gives the installer a true “advantage” over traditional urethane wood flooring adhesives.


Titebond 811 Advantage can be installed using the “wet lay” or “flashed” methods, depending on your preference and the environment of your installation. In the “wet lay” method you do not flash the adhesive. Once the adhesive has been troweled, the wood flooring may be installed immediately into the wet adhesive. To reduce slippage, secure the first starter row with Titebond Tape. Remaining planks must be placed firmly into adhesive. Planks which are not flat should be weighted for several hours. In the wet lay method, you should not work on top of the wood.

The “flashed”* method is when the adhesive is allowed to flash for the recommended amount of time prior to installing the wood flooring. While using this method, you are advised to trowel out larger sections of the room so that you spend most of your time laying wood rather than flashing adhesive. Be careful not to exceed 811 Advantage’s open time of 90 minutes and do not trowel more adhesive than you can comfortably cover with the flooring in 90 minutes.